Welcome back, Overcomers.

This week I was honored to provide a guest post for the wonderful Dawn R. Ward from The Faith To Flourish.

Have you ever wondered if God is trying to get your attention — and you’re missing his signals? If God called you to something — a task, a person, a place, or a ministry — would you recognize his voice? Scripture records for us the stories of God’s intervention in the lives of his children, but how did those children recognize — and believe — that the signs they were seeing or the inner voice they were hearing came from God, and how did they understand what God was communicating? If God calls you to something, will you recognize who’s calling? And how would you respond?

Even if you’re not listening, God may still call you in simple ways, by calling your attention to something new and mysterious, God can offer you the opportunity to experience his extraordinary mercy and miracles, but if you don’t recognized them, you may miss the chance to be a part of them.

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